Was I in a breakdown?

It feels good to have completed my first summit ever successfully on this past Tuesday. Luckily I have a broad definition of success these days that is forgiving of many screw ups tech wise and does not focus solely on numbers for my success. The numbers and tech breakdowns and analysis are valuable and important to examine so I can correct the mistakes for next time.

For me this was successful because I interviewed 8 powerful women leaders who were engaged and open as well as being generous and helpful to the audience . The conversation was provocative and interesting and we got real, raw, and honest as I had intentionally created an open, vulnerable environment in which we could learn and have fun.

So while zoom and email campaign were a disaster from a tech standpoint , I feel happy about how it went amazingly. Just to vent a bit about how bad zoom treated me, even though I had intentionally upgraded my zoom account to a Pro account the night before my summit, accidentally I logged into my free account, so we were kicked off every 40 mins. Haha . Also I was unable to figure out who signed up on my constant contact because my summit promotional landing page was not connected properly to constant contact . Therefore, I had a small audience.

On a positive note, this allowed me to develop strength in the moment and show up as the creative , connected , committed leader that I am in any given moment adapting to the situation in order to create the fun, engaging, provocative , open honest conversation that I sourced. It also created a situation in which I was relatable as an imperfect human with tech issues like many other powerful leaders who show up online to make an impact in the real world at large. Can you relate to this?

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