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  • What is Tai Chi?

    Tai Chi, short for T'ai chi ch'üan, or Taijiquan, is an internal Chinese martial art

    practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. It is a subset of the larger practice of Qigong.

    The term Tai Chi refers to a philosophy of the forces of yin and yang, related to the moves. The coordination of the breathing and slow, flowing movements is a meditation in motion.


    In recent years, Harvard Medical School has conducted many large studies on the value of Tai Chi finding that it is beneficial for a wide range of health issues including memory, balance, fall prevention, osteoporosis and blood pressure. It is even better for fall prevention than a regular physical therapy regimen, according to a large study done by Harvard Medical School.


  • Tai chi and Tea

    Tai Chi and Tree Side Tea & Intimate Chats

    Join Deborah live twice per day on Facebook Live for these lovely intimate chats. They are free to all and support immunity, inner peace, and success.


    I do these Facebook lives twice a day at around 9 am CST USA and 6:15 pm CST USA. Except Fridays at 5:15 pm CST USA prior to candlelight if for Shabbat.


    Simply scroll down on my FB timeline to see the recordings or just stop by live! Do follow me and turn on your notifications to stay up to date. Thanks!



  • Group Practice

    Enjoy peace & connection with earth

    "Practicing Tai Chi/Qigong is very simple and powerful. You cannot do it wrong, instead you can only do it good, better or best."


    As your Tai Chi Health Coach, we will be practicing Tai Chi, an internal martial art, together while learning eye opening pearls of wisdom. Practicing Tai Chi together will promote a feeling of peace, connection, and being grounded.


    Contact Deborah for more information.

    Individual Practice

    Move from surviving to thriving

    "The beauty of Tai Chi is that you can start from where you are and take tiny steps."


    I believe that Tai Chi, meditation in motion, is like a dance. The beautiful, slow, flowing movements, combined with slow, deep breaths, will help you shift your energy and gradually free yourself from stress or trauma that is stuck in your body. When you infuse yourself with high doses of tai chi, you will move from surviving to thriving, with no side effects!

    Contact Deborah for more information.

    Torah and Tai Chi

    Weaving together Torah & Tai Chi

    "Think of the circular path of each movement, in Tai Chi every movement is in a curve or circle that has no ending or beginning." - Dr. Paul Lam, MD, Tai Chi for Health


    Like Tai Chi, the Torah is a circular system, when you get to the end of the Torah, you begin reading and studying it again for life.


    We will be weaving the Torah teachings into our Tai Chi practices.


    Contact Deborah for more information.

  • About Deborah Orman

    The Tai Chi Health Coach

    Deborah Orman

    I will be able to find your true value since this is my special talent. I can see talents that lie deep within you and I am able to find your value or superpower that you didn’t even know you had.

    I am Deborah Orman, The Tai Chi Health Coach. Once upon a time, not too long ago, I was a self-sacrificing mom who always put both of my boys first above myself. In fact, I kept doing this repeatedly and the habit got so bad that I eventually felt like I lost myself. I couldn’t even remember what my body and my mind used to feel like when I used to relax in the good old days. In addition, no matter how hard I tried, I could not find myself anywhere. My whole body was in pain too as related to the anxiety.


    One day I attended a Facebook live with Bill Baren, a business coach, and he answered a question that lead me to get a spark of hope when I realized my business niche was under the category of health coach. Then I decided I was going to do my tai chi again in the morning no matter how imperfectly. Gradually, after I started to shift my energy and see my true value as a health coach, I blended this passion with my journey of almost 3 decades of practicing Tai Chi, to become known as The Tai Chi Health Coach.


    I am here to take you by the hand and help you recognize the early signs of “just surviving” so that I can help you move out of this state right away to avoid this downward spiral that can occur if we stay in a state of anxiety, overwhelm, dread or hopelessness too long. I will use Tai Chi, Qigong, self-help techniques, Torah, and many other tools to help you lead the way toward finding yourself again and reigniting your passions, and feeling hopeful about the future.


    If you are a mom, this newly discovered self- understanding will lead you toward your dream of a happy and successful future for your children. The latest research actually shows that a mom’s self-understanding is the biggest contributing factor for happiness and success in her children.


    I am a registered Occupational Therapist with a degree in psychology as well. With my unique background, I am able to custom design tai chi programs for your health needs. Your health includes a psychological, spiritual, cognitive, and physical component.

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