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Certified Health & Life Coach

I am Debbie Orman, otherwise known as The Tai Chi Health Coach, since I am a tai chi expert who lives in Milwaukee, a major tai chi hub. I am a certified health coach and a life coach with an occupational therapy background and a psychology undergraduate degree. 

For my business as Certified Health Coach and Life Coach, I chose the name The Tai Chi Health Coach at a Dream Big entrepreneur event that I attended 3 years ago. I choose to keep this name in spite of the fact that it sometimes confuses people into thinking that they have to be willing to learn tai chi in order to work with me. The reason I kept it is because I embody the tai chi principles of relaxation, strength and gentle flow in my life, and I’ve been a tai chi player for 30 years. I am so incredibly grateful to live in Milwaukee, a major tai chi hub, thus having the opportunity to study with amazing instructors.
I am also a recovering self-sacrificing mom of 2 teenage boys!

“When you take care of yourself, you are taking care of your loved ones.”

My top strengths are empathy and thinking in a creative manner. I work as a consultant with high level influencers, entrepreneurs, and coaches who feel like they are stuck to efficiently give them the clarity and insights that they need in order to move forward successfully in their important journeys.

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In my personal life, I am an entrepreneur, wife, and recovering self sacrificing mom as well as a recovering overthinker who has finally dropped into my heart and learned to trust the process. I created this amazing life I’m living by my everyday choices in the last few years. I chose and continue to choose to invest in working with many brilliant, amazing, caring coaches who have empowered me to step into my authority and power in order to make the world a better place during my time on earth, while remaining true to myself. I feel honored and grateful to have the privilege of working with my clients and collaborating with top influencers in the field of mental health.

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Our Clients Say

“Working with Deborah was divine intervention. I found her just when I was at my lowest, and in a short month I feel better than I’ve ever felt."

Ashley Grisius Outpatient Registration

I gain trust to myself. I thought I can't do it but with your guidance I can make the things before that is so impossible for me to do . Thank you thank you so much.

Kharyl Lyn Haban Coach Virtual Assistant

I just want to give a big shout out to Debbie! I had a face to face with Debbie and what a wonderful, kind person she is. This helped me so much with something I was struggling with for years. It helped me tremendously, and we had a really great conversation!

Susan Steinhardt, LMSW Life Enhancing Wellness Coach

OMG!! Debbie !! You are such a rockstar!!! I absolutely adore you!! Your so wise!! You’re so powerful!! so sincere and confidential! You truly understand me and as we continue to meet you learn more about me and are able to guide me further on my Road to success!! G-D Should bless you with continued knowledge and the wisdom to keep empowering women and men alike Much love !


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